Ciabatta adventures 2: focaccia

After the first try, I wanted to increase the bulk ferment and final proofing times to see what the ciabatta dough would look like if I used this for focaccia, as Mr. Hamelman suggests in his “BREAD” book. The result can be seen here. Bulk fermentation time: three hours. Final proofing: one hour. Since the dough is […]

Caraway rye

I needed a recipe to try my round cane banneton on and this month’s Mellow Bakers challenge introduced a nice sourdough recipe: 40% rye sourdough with caraway seeds. According to Mr. Hamelman, the bread “contains just enough rye to be a serious rye sourdoubh bread”. The caraway seeds are something new for me, the recipe calls for 2 tablespoons […]

Ciabatta adventure 1

The challenge The first recipe I’ve tried in the “BREAD” book by Jeffrey Hamelman was baguettes with poolish. It might nog have been a good idea, since the recipe calls for a very wet dough. There were some restrictions involved: no mixer! This means a lot of stretch & folding and french folding have to be involved. […]