miche à l’épeautre

This must be my most successful miche to date. There are so many recipes inspired by a pain poilâne it’s hard to keep track of. Jeffrey Hamelman has one in his book BREAD, Peter Reinhart has one in his book Bread Baker’s Apprentice and in my most recent book I’ve seen a version from Daniel Leader […]

The French classic: pain au levain

What could possibly be a better introduction than a closeup of a bâtard with a nice “ear“, inviting you to tear up and feast upon? French country bread is so rewarding and so easy to make, it’s a shame I did not try something like this before! Although my daily bread is inspired by Vermont Sourdough and Pain […]

80% wholerye with soaker

My 70% wholerye attempt did not turn out to be very disappointing for the first try – read more about it here. Mr. Hamelman provides a second healthy and earthy rye recipe in his book, but this time with 20% high gluten flour and a soaker of boiling rye flour instead of chopped rye flakes. […]

Bakken met zuurdesem: een samenvatting

Brood bakken is niet moeilijk. Het vereist enkel basis ingrediënten (water, bloem, zout) en geduld. Dat laatste is het meest uitdagende aspect. Los van dat zijn er enkele basisstappen waar elk brood door gaat, onafhankelijk van het recept of van uw bloem type. Ik wil bij deze graag een snelle samenvatting geven rond bakken met […]

Baking your daily bread

The possibilities with bread baking are endless. If you’re starting with baking or you’d like to  experment with it for a while, like I do, it’s usually a good idea to stick with one basic formula and extend from there. That way, you can more easily compare the results and you get to learn one way […]

A slice of the heavyweight bread.

70% wholerye bread with soaker

Using a pullman tin Baking bread with wholerye flour is not that simple. Rye does not have any gluten at all and it absorbs a lot more water than (whole)wheat flour. It does have a nice fruity/earthy taste and it’s especially loved in Germany and Eastern Europe. For this recipe, I baked the bread in […]

Pain à l’ancienne

Pain à l’ancienne It’s summer and we’re organising a small party – what’s the obvious choice for food? Right, BBQ. What’s the obvious choice for bread accompanied by a nice BBQ? Right! Baguettes! But this wouldn’t be savesourdough without sourdough, so instead of baking the classic baguettes, I created my own formula based on Mr. Hamleman’s […]